I have so many great books just dusting up on my shelves, some popular YA that I’ve purchased but haven’t had the time to read, new releases that I was so excited to get in to… Every time I look at my bookshelf its so depressing, I have so many books that I want to read but don’t have the time to! Sooo, until the next year I’m going to hold off buying more books (psht let’s see how that goes!) and try and at least make a dent in my TBR pile! Do any of you experience this? There are just so many books and so little time, especially with school starting in a few weeks which will definitely shrink my monthly TBRs! Also I’m going to be making a few book tag blog posts, they’re really fun to do and I feel like I’ve just been posting reviews on my blog! If you can recommend book tags that would be fun to participate in, in the comments that would be GREAT!