First of all, thank you for visiting my blog! Secondly thank you for considering me to review your book! This is going to be a page that gets down to the nitty gritty aspect of this blog so that I can make the requesting process easier. It goes without saying that reading is something that I enjoy. However I can only dedicate so much time to it, so hopefully the information below should help me identify if the books I receive are something I can give a real try and review honestly without anything affecting my opinion.


I would prefer hard copies for review, my eyesight is actually worsening and reading books online isn’t the best for it. HOWEVER I do understand that being from the UK shipping from oversees can be quite costly, and a lot of books I receive tend to be self-published so I completely understand if sending me a hard copy is something you are not able to do. Though if that is something that you can do I would really appreciate it!


These are the genres that I will not review:

  • Horror (This is a bit of a weird one because it depends on what you classify as horror; I’m okay with graphic, bloody gory stuff or paranormal aspects to some extent. If it falls under the haunted category that’s not something I particularly enjoy)
  • Non-fiction

This is not a genre specific book blog so other than the genres listed above I pretty much enjoy reading everything else. As I am someone who accepts books from almost all genres I’m in need of authors/publishers contacting me to provide me with the following information:

  • Label the subject of the email ‘Book Review Request’
  • Title – and genre
  • Author
  • Description
  • Publication date/ time frame in which I have to post the review
  • Preference of what other platforms the review should be posted on

I would also really appreciate if you didn’t attach an e-copy of the book with the first email, only until I have confirmed that I will be reviewing it. All reviews are my untainted and honest opinion, in some cases that may be that I didn’t particularly enjoy reading a book. If you are providing me with a copy and DO NOT WANT ANY critique of the work, I am most definitely not the right reviewer for you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me as well!

Contact: abooknation@outlook.com

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