Beta-Reading Service: Beta-reading with analysis of storyline, world-building, characters and plot.

(LIMITED TIME OFFER: Currently offering a sample beta-read of 1000 words! This’ll help you decide if I’m the best beta-reader for you as well as get an understanding of how I construct my feedback!)

Here is what you get out of this service:

  • Comments/feedback after every chapter of your MS
  • Annotations within the chapter, highlighting specific areas that need work, side comments of suggested way to improve (using track changes on Word).
  • A full feedback report on key elements, such as: development of characters, world-building, progression of story, plot, pace,  etc.
  • General feedback on the readability of your MS.

What do I mean by a full feedback report? 

This is basically a write up of my thoughts. I’ll start off with general thoughts/comments on the MS as a whole. This is followed by an analysis of the different elements (characters, world-building etc.) with reference to specific sections of your MS. Finally, I end this with some suggestions on how to improve the areas I’ve highlighted, as well as answer any questions you sent alongside the MS.

When I initially read through the MS I prefer to do so without any notes from the author, that way I don’t read through it looking for anything they’ve previously mentioned! I just naturally progress through and experience it as I would with any published book!

Rate: $0.00095 per word, (e.g a 100,000 word MS would be $95).

If you’re interested please send me an email  ( with the following:

  • Subject of email ‘Beta-Reading Service’.
  • Title.
  • Genre.
  • Word count.
  • Blurb, or if you don’t have one yet a summary.

If you have any queries or anything you are unsure about feel free to email me!

Thank you for considering me to Beta-Read!

Paid Promotional Post:

These are ideal for creating hype around a book launch, and just getting your book noticed by more people! I do NOT offer paid book reviews , if you’re simply looking for a book review, that’s a free service on my blog found here . However if you’re looking for a promotional package here is what I offer with this service:

  • Honest review on my blog at
  • Links to book purchase.
  • Author interview/guest post.
  • Announcing/promoting a giveaway on the post.

If you’re interested please send me an email  ( with the following:

  • Subject of email ‘Paid Promotion’.
  • Title.
  • Genre.
  • Blurb.
  • Book launch date.



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