The Sims Book Tag

The original Sims – The best author debut.

I would probably have to say The Trap by Melanie Raabe, IT WAS SO GOOD! Reading the synopsis you kind of feel like the interesting story has already happened, but this characters journey through her grief is just amazing. The writing style was also ON POINT.

The Grim Reaper – The Saddest Character Death.

This question is hard to do without spoiling it, I originally had a book in mind but it would be a major spoiler. So my second choice is a book I just recently finsihed Assassin’s Heart. Ermahgerd, it just broke my heart…

Sims Getting Stuck – A character that just got in the way.

The aunt in All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, I mean she has a purpose in the story but she’s still irritated my soulllllllllllllll.

Simlish – A book with amazing writing.

I definitely think Passenger belongs here, the writing style really stoood out. As did the world building!

Expansion packs – A series where the books kept on getting better.

Ermm, I actually haven’t read any series lately soooooooo……

Sims romance – The worst case of insta love.

I don’t really read that many romance novels and I feel like this tends to happen most in those books, but the last one I read Unbound: Colors of Love. Yeah, that has a bad case of insta lovee..

Cheats – A (contemporary) book that was entirely unrealistic..

Again I don’t really read that many contemporaries, ( why did I do this book tag lolol). I read fantasies, they’re all unrealisticccc!

Needs fulfillment – A character who made all the wrong decisions.

Ermm, Throne of Glass… Okay hear me out, I haven’t read the rest of the series so maybe her decision making skills get better. Not in Throne of Glass. *Commence the death threats from die hard TOG fanss*

Error code 12 – A series that started off great but went downhill from there.

The Mortal Instruments, I actually kind of enjoyed the first few books, tried marathoning the whole series. I don’t know maybe I lost interest? I didn’t find that the rest of the story was that compelling… I’m definitely going to try and finish it off, I really want to read Lady Midnight!

The Sims vortex – A book/series that completely engrossed you.

HALF BADDDDD! I lalalaloved the first book! I still haven’t had the time to read the rest of the trilogy, soon the time shall come!

Let me know if you guys enjoy reading these posts, I actually enjoyed making it! Shall I start participating in more? Also there are some great releases for next month so I will have a post about the ARCs I’ve received next week!


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