Monthly book haul!


January 2016


12 thoughts on “Monthly book haul!

  1. nayana28 says:

    Hey, sorry this is out of the blue but thanks for liking my post on ‘The Thing Around Your Neck’. I just started blogging so it is really cool to have a like from a more established blogger. your blog looks great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • abooknation says:

      Heyyy, omg don’t thank me I enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for stopping by my blog 😊! I’m really not that established 😅 but if you ever have any questions about blogging you can email me!


    • abooknation says:

      Thanks! I noticed it when I looked at the picture, why limit yourself to one genre when there are so many, each with something unique to offer to your reading experience? (don’t mind my rambling I usually see book blogs that are specific to YA so I’m happy to see someone else that appreciates the variety :D)


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