A New Mission

Welp… It has almost been a year since my last post… I really thought last time was the one that would get me back on track? I would like to say I’m back for good but honestly, who knows? I’ve officially finished all my exams of my final year at university so that’s not an excuse I can use anymore! I find it really hard to enjoy reading during the school year, it’s something about expending so much energy that in my free time I . just . want . easy . entertainment… Something I can mindlessly get lost in and so, my go to has been Netflix. Since this is a book blog, I felt like if I wasn’t reading then there really wasn’t much to post about! Would it be another blog post if I didn’t have another useless ramble at the beginning :).

Lockdown and officially being done with school has given me so much time that it’s almost overwhelming, so I decided to give myself a goal! I’ve been on a somewhat(?) successful book-buying ban for the past 2 years, only caving in to buy 2 or three books every few months. So I want to embark on the daunting journey that is reading most books on my shelf before purchasing anymore! This… may take a while hence the *most* books to give myself some leeway :). The first book I’ve decided to start with PaperTowns by John Green! I’ve had three John Green books (An Abundance of Katherines, PaperTowns and Looking for Alaska) on my shelf for literally years. A review should be up as soon!

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