Why I Started Book Blogging:

I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever mentioned why I got into book blogging but if I did I don’t think I made a blog post about it so… HUR WE GOO:

I’ve always loved reading but I feel like I went through phases where I went on a bit of a (very) long slump until I read a book that hooked me back into reading! I’m someone with the shitest memory, even now when someone asks me for book recommendations I have to skim through my posts to jig my memory of what books I’ve read. So around 4/5 years ago when I got back into reading, I had no idea that book blogging was a thing, I thought why would anyone want to hear my rambling thoughts about a book I’ve read??????

Whenever I finished a book I would write up a review and literally just leave it sitting in my documents for future reference. I think I first came across book blogging through Goodreads, where I found bloggers linking their full reviews to their blogs. I really was taken abackkk like huh???? This really was a thing??? I immediately began to look at different blog platforms I could use, and that was that I guess??

WOW when thinking about this post I really thought I’d have a lot more to say but writing it up, it’s actually not that interesting huh 😕

I don’t know if this post’ll see the light of day, but  if it does I would be interested in hearing how you got into book blogging or blogging in general!

12 thoughts on “Why I Started Book Blogging:

  1. I started writing my reviews in Goodreads, and I had no idea that Book Blogging was a thing either, Goodreads is really a wonderful platform, which leads you to discover more things. I love the post!! I think it’s SO honest and that’s great 💛✨💛✨

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  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a terrible book memory! I used to be great at remembering them when I was little but now I can barely remember the protagonists name of the last book I read… hahaha… 😥

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  3. Reblogged this on WordyNerdBird and commented:
    I discovered this post on the abooknation today. It reminded me of starting my own book blog, although my reasons were slightly different.

    Like this blogger, I have always been an avid reader, but it was really only when my first book was published that I began to understand the true value of a review for an author.

    It’s really the only feedback you get from readers.

    A negative review can crush your soul until you think about the fact that you haven’t liked every single book you’ve picked up, either. Sometimes it’s a matter of taste. A thoughtful review helps you improve your writing and motivates you to keep going. And if someone praises your work, it’s incredibly satisfying and fulfilling because you know you’ve connected with a reader’s soul.

    The fact that such a small proportion of readers leave reviews does not really surprise me, because I had never done so before, either.

    Once I recognised the need for reviews of Indie books, I saw that this was an opportunity for me to use my love of reading to help other Indie authors by leaving an honest, constructive review.

    Thus, Book Squirrel was born.

    After developing my confidence with book reviews, Book Squirrel’s blog extended to include author spotlights and interviews, book events and, recently, a range of integrated Indie book promotion services.

    I love blogging about books and supporting other Indie authors. I enjoy giving back to the Indie author community and showing others how positive and proactive Indying is done.

    Book Squirrel brings me, and others, joy.
    That is the best reason ever to keep going.

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  4. This is so interesting!
    The first bookish community I discovered was booktube, and I was like WHAT??? PEOPLE TALK ON YOUTUBE ABOUT BOOKS??? 😀 I binge watched tons of videos, got many recommendations and purchased my very first English books.
    Afterwards, I discovered GoodReads. I didn’t use it as much in the beginning, but it was fun to have a website where you can track your reading progress etc. etc.
    But my first “blogging” platform was Amino. The app got very popular at some point, with many booktubers promoting it, so I thought why not give it a try. And only after posting on Amino for a few months I discovered the bookish blogs and decided to start my own. 🙂

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  5. This resonates with me too, especially the part about going into a slump before finding a book that hooked you in. I think it happens with most avid readers. When you’re used to reading a couple of books per week, you get nit picky about a lot of things in literature, especially writing style. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been disappointed by a lot of bestsellers in the last couple of years. As far as reviews are concerned, I’ve just recently started doing that. I used to keep a file, a list of books I read and star them but started writing reviews recently only. Though I love putting my thoughts about the story in order – helps me understand the book better and I remember more details – I doubt I’ll be writing reviews for all the books I read. I’m still at the phase where I don’t like giving bad reviews. I’d rather just rate a DNFd book and write about the ones I love.

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    1. Fair enough! At the beginning I was very apprehensive about writing negative too. didn’t want to end up writing negative reviews that were just bashing the story! But I also used to have a horrible habit of sticking with the book til the very end even if it killed me 😂. At that point I felt like if I’ve gone through all that at least let me write a review to feel like it was all for SOMETHING.

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