The Cabin in the Woods: Review



Title: The Cabin in the Woods

Author: Tim Lebbon

Length: 297

Source: Purchased

First of all I really didn’t know that this was a movie novelisation?!?!? I really thought the movie was based on this book. I usually steer FARRRR away from horror, whether it’s films/TV shows/books it’s just not my genre. A few weeks ago I went to Orbital Comics and found that they had a old/discounted books section so, me looking at any way to spend my money, ran to this corner. I picked it up knowing I wasn’t going to take this home but the synopsis was so short that I really wanted to give it a go. Plus I thought if there was a time I would ever read Horror it would be now! (But I really can’t handle paranomal stuff so please, it just creeps me the hellll out). ANYWAY here’s the synopsis:

Five friends go to a remote

cabin in the woods.

Bad things happen.

If you think you know the story,

think again.

I remember remotely hearing about the film but I actually had no idea at all about the story, but I must say I really really really enjoyed reading this. Books that start off with a lot of world building are good and all, but I’ve always been someone who enjoys stories that develop a little quicker. I just read through the book much quicker. Of course this doesn’t apply to all books I’ve if it’s a genre like fantasy, if the world building goes to shite so does the whole story.

Wow I really went off on a whole tangent there, but this story really picks up from the first page. It’s under horror but there were Sci-Fi elements that for me made this story much more enjoyable. Another reason I don’t really read horror is I feel like there really is no story line, this is me generalising but I really feel like they’re just there to scare the living daylights out of you. With Cabin in the Woods it included your standard zombies and terrifying creatures but at the same time it was all part of a bigger plan. I really don’t know how to review this book without spoiling it, but IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT YET I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PICK IT UP! Especially if you’re someone like me who steers veryyyy clear of horror, if you enjoy Sci-Fi I think you would enjoy this read. AND it’s just under 300 pages.

12 thoughts on “The Cabin in the Woods: Review

  1. It is always good to try to read other genres, you never know when you might find yourself liking something. I don’t like horror movies, but I can usually handle a horror book. This one sounds good, I just might have to give it a try. Good review.

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  2. Hi! I loved this review- I also tend to avoid horror all the time as well and your review convinced me to at least look up the book! I haven’t seen the movie so it would be fresh for me 🙂 great review! I hope we can interact!

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  3. I didn’t know there was a book! I really loved the movie, but I am a horror junky. I’ll have to give this a go! Great review!

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