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While writing my Feb TBR I completely forgot to include this book so I’ll add a short post about it here:

As I now I have some time to spare I decided to work a bit more on my beta-reading skills and become more familiar with some more technical terms. In the process of searching for the perfect book to guide me through this I came across Self-Editing for Fiction Writers and I honestly think it’s the best book I could’ve picked. Whilst beta-reading the most challenging thing for me is how to deliver my critique to the writer in a way that doesn’t dictate to them how they should change their work to fit my taste but rather how to make their manuscript more accessible to different kinds of readers. Of course as readers we all have our preferences in terms of the characters we enjoy reading, writing style etc and it would be completely impossible for a writer to cater to every single reader.

This book is great in showing how you can make improvements/adjustments to your current work without losing your identity as a writer. This doesn’t mean changing your story/style and losing your voice but instead means writing in such a way that readers can understand your characters more deeply, become more invested in them and thus more invested in this whole word. I would HIGHHHLLYYY recommend any conflicted writers to pick this up! It gives you a fresh perspective and essentially allows you to see your work from a readers point of view (to some extent!).

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  1. Editing is one of my favorite processes. Getting to that point for myself is the challenge, lol. I write fiction in my spare time and really appreciate this post. In fiction, I’m always looking for unique ways that people express themselves. I almost think of it like watching a movie. CGI and fancy scenes are fabulous but it’s the context that matters. Does the dragon’s fire move the story along or is it just to show that you have a fire breathing monster in your story? Thanks for the suggestion!

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    1. I completely agree, even if it’s just writing my blog post sometimes I worry that I come across a bit too ‘robotic’ ( I don’t even know if that makes sense) or if my posts just read like a monotonic monologue. So before posting I read over to make sure it actually sounds like me loool. (Also I like the CGI analogy!)

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