February TBR!

Last month I only managed to read one book…. The Name of the Wind. Considering I haven’t read a single book in the past 6 months I can still count this as a win right??? I’ve had the longessssssst reading slump and finally decided to read Name of the Wind which a friend recommend to me. Usually whilst in a slump I don’t tend to big up such heavy books but I’d been hearing only good things about it. I won’t delve into it too much but a review should be posted up next week!

I think I needed some immersive high fantasy to shake me from this prolonged reading slump, so as soon as I finished it I started reading the sequel The Wise Man’s Fear. Although I’m getting through it a bit slower than my usual pace I love the characters, setting and the world Patrick Rothfuss created, but my next read is definitely going to be shorter, two consecutive 700-900 page reads is a littttle too much for me.

So I decided to avoid falling back into any slump I’d post a Feb TBR as these seem to always work when I’m recovering! Here are my next reads for this month:

  • Image result for the slow regard of silent things


Since I’m already immersed in this world I’ve already got my copy of the novella The Slow Regard of Silent Things. This follows the life of Auri giving the reader a deeper understanding of her and *hopefully* some proper character development because to me she was actually the character I was most interested in! (I’ve also noticed some animations insidee, so I’ll probably breeeeeze through this) If you’ve read the KingKiller Chronicle series belwhat you thought of this novella!


  • Image result for replica lauren oliver


Replica by Lauren Oliver. I’m still on my quest to finish reading all the books on my shelf so although this is not a recently published novel I remember there was quite a lot of hype when it was released!

Over the past 2 years I’ve also been self studying Korean, so each month I will TRYYY to read through a Korean book. The one I’ve picked this month is….


  • 빈치, 은희경 (Poor Man’s Wife by Eun Hee-Kyung)  I picked this up a few months ago at Foyles and this was the first book that I’d seen with Korean on one page and the English translation on the next page! Whilst studying Korean content the most frustrating part is having to keep referring back to the translator, so this should make studying much easier.

Image result for poor man's wife



14 thoughts on “February TBR!

  1. Great post! Slumps are the worst, and can really throw you off kilter, so good job for pushing through! Especially on such a big book! Long reads like that can be a mission even when you’re not feeling slumpy, so well done!

    I hope February is a lot easier on you and you manage to get through some excellent reads!

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      1. ‪That’s great!!‬ Sometimes those end up being the best ones when they take you by surprise!!!

        ‪My friend and I are actually doing a blog-collaboration including other bloggers, where we suggest books we’ve loved that might be a good starter point to help people get into reading? I find it so hard to read when I’m slumpy so my own suggestion will probably be one that’s helped me through a slump personally! I promise I didn’t come here with the intent of promoting it 😂 But your post made me think of it so you’re welcome to get involved if you like! All suggestions are included, so you’d be credited and featured regardless! If not that’s okay too! 😊‬

        ‪http://esmooglereads.home.blog/2019/01/29/the-book-rec-lottery-launch/ link here if you’re interested, if not then no problem ☺️‬

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  2. This is a really interesting post and well done for getting out of your slump by reading something big/long, that can be a challenge even when not in a slump so I’m looking forward to the review. You’ve got a good selection here and I’m so impressed you’re teaching yourself Korean! Wow!

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