My Journey to Reading…

DISCLAIMER: There is some serious rambling in the following blog post, side effect include: boredom, frustration and ermmm boredom again!

Throughout this year I’ve felt like I’ve tried my best to avoid writing blog posts about my personal life. Since I’ve started I might’ve written about 3 or 4 that are actually a little more personal, and that’s simply because I feel like I’m maybe more of a private person?

But at the same time, I want you as a reader to get to know the person behind these blog posts! At the end of the day there are 1000’s of other book blogs and I’ve realised that my character is what differentiates me from them, right?

I thought I’d start with something that for me was a no brainer! Probably something I should’ve posted months ago! That’s how I got into reading, and more importantly, why I read.

I’ve always LOVED reading, for as long as I can remember I’ve always been on the hunt for a good book to read. My favourite author as a child was Roald Dahl. OH MY GOD, I LOVED READING HIS BOOKS. Every time I see his books on the shelf they take me back to my childhood… My favourite book was James and the Giant Peach: ( uhhhhh nostalgic feels right there)


I was never allowed to read the Harry Potter series as a child because my mum would always say they were too scary. Even as a 15 year old I couldn’t watch the films while she was around :’D! In her defence I’m someone who is scared by anything! I literally have to sleep with a lamp on in my room whilst listening to something ( radio, podcast or even just a news channel) otherwise I can’t fall asleep! (What a surprise, my rambling has taken me to expressing my fear of the dark, 10/10 for staying focused !)

But I think as I grew older, from about 13-15 I stopped reading. Or at most read  a few books a year, as a kid I was just so distracted by other forms of entertainment that basically required less of my attention and imagination!

As I grew up I started reading more, but it was still not enough ( when I compare to how many books I read now!). Maybe I’d read a book every month… There was no excuse, I was just lazy and after a long day at school I just wanted to go online and watch ’til my eyes started twitching (probably why I wear glasses full time now :’D).

What I started to notice was that after finishing a book I would have this urge to write down how I feel. At the time I didn’t have a book blog (I didn’t even know book blogging was a thing!) So I would literally just sit there typing on and on about my reading experience.

It was maybe over a year ago, I visited my local book shop and found that they had a clearance section. Let me tell you that is any book lovers heavennnnnnnnnn.  There were books that were brand new, for like 50p which is about 60cents. I literally found The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, books by Danielle Steele, Lisa Gardner etc. I even got a Feast for Crows ( do I have the first book in that series? Nope). It’s safe to say I went a little crazy and pretty much cleared out their shelves :’D.

So I’m just looking over how much I’ve written and I’m thinking no one is going to sit there and read that :’D. I think I’ll end this post here. !f you’re interested in these kind of posts let me know and who knows, in the next post, my journey continues… * Tumbleweed*

29 thoughts on “My Journey to Reading…

  1. I seem to be going in reverse. I cannot read a thing now. It’s so unfortunate. Between the ages of 12-18 I was gobbling ever book that I could. I still have not read the Harry Potter Series. My grandmother brought me the first one when I was in 3rd grade. The gigantic hardcover copy and it was intimidating!

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  2. It’s always enjoyable to read about someone’s life, so it’s great that you did.

    I also stopped reading for a bit, actually, it was all of high school. I look back and don’t understand why I would break a law like that. Never stop reading. I’m shaking my head at myself right now.

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  3. I read to the end and like that you’re sharing some of yourself. All of us are in different places with our reading and our writing. I’ve kept a reading journal for many years–safer than a personal diary, but just as enlightening to look back on. I think we can see ourselves through our choice of books.

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    1. Thank YOU for reading :). I’ve actually read quite a few of Roald Dahl’s books and it was almost 10 years go so I can’t remember. I don’t know why but for some reason James and the Giant Peach just stuck with me 🙂


  4. Although personal stuff can be boring this kind of post, which we can relate to, is not. When i was young I would read anything from Dostoevsky to cereal packets but I stopped until I retired and started writing. They say to write well you must keep reading so I do and find I am developing favourites. Still, no-one beats Stephen King and don’t worry, folks if you can’t cope with Potter. The films are great and the final book is almost impossible to read.

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      1. I have the sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep and Desperation. I’ve seen the film The Shining but have been told the book is WAY better (surprise!). So I think I might just start Desperation when I have the time!


      2. I wouldn’t read a book after I had seen the film and I’m not sure the one’s you have are the best introduction to King.
        I would have suggested Needful Things but I’ll check on Desperation. I can’t remember when it was written. I’ll keep in touch.

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  5. Pretty much how I was, minus the movie prohibition. Parents were pretty easy going on the scary, supernatural stuff, etc. I was a writer mostly and had no interest in reading. As i few older, it switched around. I’m an avid reader but no longer a writer. Heh

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  6. Thank you for sharing.
    I love reading. My perfect day would contain a hot cup of tea (with some rum 😉 ), a fireplace, a blanket and a new book. I really hope I get to do that this weekend.
    I wish you happy holidays!


  7. The reason I started my blog is for the same reason that’s believe you posted this blog. I want to get people to read more and understand the value of reading.
    You have built an impressive following, one that inspires me as a new blogger. If it’s not to much to ask, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share my blog to your followers. It would give me a much needed boost so that I could try to get more people to realize that books and reading are so valuable and underrated.

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