I really contemplated on making this blog post, debating on whether it was fair to subject you to my ranting! But at the same time I try and post all my experiences as a book blogger/reviewer the good ones, and the ones I’d rather forget about…

The topic I’m going to rant about today is *drum roll* the interactions between an author and a book blogger. By this I mean where there is an exchange of a book in return for a review. Another reason I wasn’t sure about this post was because I didn’t want to be unfair to 80% of the AMAZING authors I’ve had the pleasure of working with! Honestly most of my experiences have been so great, a lot of authors are always appreciative of a book bloggers’ reviews. Most are also quite open to feedback I give them through my review, saying that’s something they’ll keep in mind with their other work.

HOWEVER, there are some situations where I felt a little used. I emphasise the however because I honestly don’t want to generalise and say all the authors I’ve worked with haven’t been pleasant. But I’ve found that this occurrence is too often and I just wanted to mention it!

So after two paragraphs of rambling let me actually explain what I mean. An author will be so nice to me, I mean SO NICE, and cooperative. As soon as I’ve written up a review, and emailed the author with all the links to them I literally get no reply. No thank you, or even an acknowledgment that they’ve received it. It’s like as soon as I’ve done what they’ve needed from me all manners go out the window!

I don’t know whether I’m being overly sensitive, if this isn’t a big deal. Or maybe its because I’ve had some great experiences with other authors that I’m comparing to. Any authors out there that do this, the reviewer is not asking for an essay with you expressing your gratitude ( there were some authors who had done just that, and let me just mention that it means so much!) . Just a simple thank you, or even ‘Hey I’ve received the email’ would be fine.

But you know this doesn’t really affect me *nervously laughs*, I just wanted to put it out there into the WordPress abyss…