I seriously need to figure out an intro and outro to my posts! I used to think it was just youtubers that needed them but I keep finding it weird and awkward to start blog posts. [ Maybe that’s just my lack of creativity :)))))))))]

Still on the topic of making money from blogging I was looking into a particular service, book promotions. Some blogs/companies will organise blog tours, whilst others offer packages where they might make a certain number of instagram/blog posts and tweets. In all honesty I used to follow a few blogs that did that and some point it felt a little spammy ( that’s not even a word is it…). But you know what I mean, I felt like a new book was being shoved in my face all the time.

What I thought would be better than just accepting books to promote was if I read them before hand. I want to know that what I’m promoting is something I actually feel passionate about and know that my audience will enjoy. Am I being naive? I also think in the long run it might be a little impractical, to read every single book before putting it up for promotion.

BASICALLY the whole point of this blog post is to get your opinion on this, I honestly value your perspectives and really benefited from your advice and input on my last discussion post ! Making that transition from having absolutely no income from blogging to trying to create services that will allow you to has been a daunting experience.

(Side note: Let me know if you’ve had enough of this topic, I know I only made one other blog post about it but at the moment I feel like this is all I’m talking about :????)