Falling for the Chance: Review


Title: Falling for Chance

Author: Kennedy L. Mitchell

Published:  July 17th 2016

Length: 241

Source: Received from author in exchange for honest review.





Falling for chance, so this is a story about a woman who is basically trying to find herself. As cheesy and clichè as it sounds that’s exactly what it is! Emily had suffered a tragedy in her life and found that her coping mechanism was to detach herself with everything she associated with before the tragedy.

First of all I really liked the writing style of this author.It had a way of creating a really connected relationship between the reader and the main character. I really enjoyed reading from the perspective of Emily simply because she was so relatable, there is a moment in the book she meets this really attractive guy and she just literally freezes up. It was endearing to read but also really funny! The main character and her love interest had witty banter that was just so hilarious to read!

As a reader I always look for character and relationship development, you want to know that as this character experiences life and as the story progresses he/she learns from this and becomes more adaptable! Emily was a great example of this but also, as we humans do, at some points made the same mistakes. It’s a balance of being absolutely perfect, and being realistic. Sometimes we know what we should do, but our judgement is clouded by our emotions!

I think for me I would’ve liked a bit more, as this was a short read of around 241 pages I wanted to read more about these characters and where they went on from here. There could possibly be an opportunity for a series later and in that case I would definitely be interested in reading the next books!

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