November Wrap-Up:

I really dreaded writing my wrap-up and here’s why… I didn’t actually finish reading a single book this month! I could sit here and make the same excuse I make when this happens, school got a little stressful etc. But in all honesty I had a lot of chances to read, I just chose not to! I’ve avoided saying it but basically I’m in a reading slump, I kind of vented my frustration about it a little bit on twitter (btw guys follow me @abook_nation , shameless plug I knowwww!) and I deliberately gave myself a modest TBR, I wasn’t going to go crazy and list a bunch of books I wouldn’t get to!

I’ve also been trying out reading multiple books at the same time, sometimes it works… Other times not quite! I think when I have a lot going on the best thing to do is just give myself one book to read, so that I have one thing to focus on! Do you read more than one book at the same time? Let me know in the comments if that works for you!

One last week , just one last week then I’ll be done! Hopefully I’ll get out of this slump, but I’m also going to try and start beta reading. I have a month off so I’ll definitely have a lot more time to dedicate to blogging too!

17 thoughts on “November Wrap-Up:

  1. I can’t read more than one book at a time, if they’re the same format. I can read an ebook and a physical book at the same time, but never two ebooks or two physical books. For some reason, my brain can differentiate them better? But don’t feel bad for not reading this month! I’ve gone like three or four months at a time:) It’s totally natural.

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  2. Freedom is on the horizon! I am on the same boat as you, kinda. I did end up reading a little bit. Short stories and then I added a book I had to read for class to my GR!

    It happens, though. Not wanting to read. I get like this when I have stressful days. As much as I’d like to read, I just don’t want to. I’d rather watch shows on Netflix 😛

    Here is to a better December full of reading endeavors! ❤

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  3. I read for different reasons, perhaps. I only read something that really grabs me and sometimes I just focus on one writer, like Neil Gaiman. I just read Lila Bowen’s two books back to back because I went to her “writing violence” workshop and thought she was smart and quirky (Delilah S. Dawson is her name and she is fun to follow on Twitter). Right now, I’m exploring Steampunk and reading a brilliant book called “Smoke” by Dan Vyleta. His command of language is inspiring. And I’m also reading Gerard Durrell’s memoir, My Family and Other Animals–also brilliant writing. This is what keeps me fuelled and intrigued.

    But I agree with Emma, sometimes, we just need to curl up with Netflix:)

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  4. Hopefully your slump ends soon. 🙂

    I do usually read several books at a time, but then I sometimes find I do better focusing on one. It is really all dependent on my mood and how interested I am. I will often end up still focusing on the title I am enjoying the most.

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    1. Same here. I tend to read a few books at the same time, but nowadays I find it hard to concentrate even on just one. It’s probably because I have been busy. Now I’m just reading “The Portrait of a Lady”, by Henry James.

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  5. Hi i just thought i let you know i really enjoyed reading some of your blog posts and i could not find like an area to comment on them all so i thought i would just tell you here.

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  6. I totally feel you on that book slump. I’m so frustrated when I get those! I can only read more than one book at once if one is nonfiction and the other is fiction. That’s usually the only way I can do it, otherwise I have to focus on one.

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  7. Reading slumps are the worst. I hope the beta reading you started spices your TBR up! I have found that I am alright with reading at my own slow pace. Can’t say I had slumps before starting my book blog…

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