I don’t know why, but this topic in the book blogging community is so sensitive, every blogger that has mentioned seems to write about it cautiously whereas other bloggers avoid bringing it up at all. Why not try to make money from something you enjoy doing for free?

In all honesty I don’t understand the problem, why is it frowned upon to try and find an income from book blogging? If you have any idea let me know in the comments! I understand the controversial aspect when it comes to paid book reviews, it’s a fairly tricky situation which is why I don’t think that’s something I’ll consider any time soon. As a blogger I know that the financial aspect of the book review would have no effect on my opinion but I also have no way of proving that to you as my audience, so I’d rather not have that doubt associated with my reviews in the first place.

BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t considered other ways of making money from book blogging. By making money I mean an income that I can feed back into the blog, so I can buy a domain, host giveaways, maintenance of the blog etc. I’m a student so at this point I barely have enough money for myself let alone funding this blog…

One of the ways I’ve seen that you could make money is by providing services, for example:

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Beta-reading
  • Providing blog tours, promotional services.
  • Designing book covers, or bookish merch

Immediately I was interested in being a beta reader, I’ve never been particularly talented in art/design so that was not an option, I’m not going to subject you to my horrific creations, let alone make you pay for them :’D. But doing further research on beta reading I realised that was something I do when I review as well. If you notice my reviews tends to go on for far too long. Naturally I analyse books when I read them, don’t ask me why it’s just something I do! Literally the notes I make when reading go on for pages and pages, that’s also why it takes me a little longer to post the review after I’ve read the book.

                                               What is a beta reader?

Its someone who looks over an author’s early draft of their work, they basically test it for readability and also try and identify inconsistencies in the world building, characters and if there are any plot holes. As a beta reader you’re not necessarily concerned with grammatical/spelling mistakes, you tend to look at the broader picture. You are also providing the author with an unbiased perspective, you could be notifying them when an aspect is not working, and might need adjustment to simply trying to help the author present their characters in a clearer way. I’m personally really interested in this so I’m seriously considering providing it as a service. I will probably do a trial run where I’ll accept manuscripts for free and see where I go from there! Let me know if you are aware of other ways of making money from book blogging and what you think of providing this service in the comments below! Also if I did offer this as a service would you be interested in it?