How I stay Organised!

How I stay organised with my blog:

So whether you’re a book blogger or just a blogger in general I think you’d agree when I say you can’t maintain your blog without SOME form of organisation. Now you don’t have to have a bullet journal (I don’t, but they look so pretty!), or a complex system! When I first started book blogging I found it was quite easy to stay on top of everything, blog posts, book reviews but I think the more I blog the more pressure I feel…

Let me explain, first of all it is so easy to just drown in emails if you don’t make yourself sit down for an hour and sift through them (trust me, I know from experience). The longer I’ve been blogging the more book review requests I get, and if I don’t keep track of how many books I need to review, when the review should be up by and where I’m posting it, I feel like a lost soul…

So enough of my rambling let me actually tell you my VERY simple way of staying ‘organised’ (sometimes I fall off the wagon, that’s normal right? Side note: I literally had to make myself sit down and go through my emails last night, there were a lot of apologies being dished out… But hopefully this post will get me motivated to get back on it!) :


  • I definitely have to keep a small notebook where I write every book I’ve received for review, whether it be from Netgalley or an author/publisher, otherwise I find it’s so easy to just completely lose track of everything! I usually just jot down; Name of book and author, when it has to be reviewed by and who to contact once the review is done.
  • I also have a bigger notebook where I write rough ideas for blog posts and also rough drafts of book reviews. I feel like I’m more likely to procrastinate on doing something if I see it as this HUGE task. So what I do is just sit down and break down the structure of my review, make brief points about what I want to mention. This makes it less intimidating when I’m sitting on my laptop and staring at a blank document, because I know I have the at least the main points!
  • Also I find posting Wrap-ups and monthly TBR’s really helps me to read a lot more, I don’t have to gaze hopelessly at my shelf for hours on end. I just pick up the next book on my TBR and get on with it!

Again I don’t have the most complex of systems but knowing me I probably wouldn’t be able to maintain one if I did! If you’re looking for a place to start hopefully this should give you a general idea, or inspiration on how you want to organise yourself! I know this post was supposed to be up a few days ago but I still had my old laptop that crashed every 5 seconds. I have a new one (FINALLY) so onwards and upwards with the regular uploads *fingers crossed*.

14 thoughts on “How I stay Organised!

  1. Great post! I’ve been having a lot of trouble organising my blog posts and thoughts because of how demanding work has been. I’m definitely going to try a few of the things that you outlined here!

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    1. Thank you ! I’m glad it was helpful :). And I completely understand the work/blog balance, I have school which can get a little hectic but I found that through organisation I was able to keep up a little more!


  2. Thanks for the tips! I’m definitely going to try some of them it’s starting to become difficult to maintain a consistent blog schedule. And I’m not even getting review copies yet.

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  3. Best idea – put everything on paper. I have to write down tasks and email addresses and passwords or I forget them – and I have only just started to write down the titles and destinations of stories I have written for competitions. I should have listed all the people who bought my books so that I could tell them about the next one but I didn’t so all the advice about having an email list has gone out the window! Good job I see most of them regularly.
    I have a poster in the kitchen that reads “Tomorrow I will get organised!” That’s me.

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  4. A great post! I do the same thing with Wrap Ups and TBRs. I think I might need to start those notebooks as well, because my mind is so chaotic, I need that kind of organisation.
    What also helps for me is write some blog posts ahead of time and plan ahead.

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      1. I didn’t know there was a scheduling feature on WordPress… I’m going to look into that, might be useful 😅
        I write my blogs in Word before I post them so then I can save the once I have written.


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