The Loving Husband: Review


Title: The Loving Husband

Author: Christobel Kent

Published: April 7th 2016

Length:  416 pages

Source: Received for review from Netgalley


I’m back with another review and this one is for a psychological thriller! So let me start by saying that this book shares the same vibe as Gone Girl, but I just didn’t find that it was as captivating as that story. I am someone who HATES leaving stories unfinished or even TV shows. I watched six seasons of Gossip Girl when I found it tedious at season 1. That’s just something I do. BUT I couldn’t finish this book and let me explain why:

For me it was a lot of aspects that contributed to me just feeling mehhh about the book. I didn’t hate it, but I also had no general feeling about it… First of all, I didn’t really enjoy the writing style, it felt a bit too choppy and disconnected from the story. I feel like as a reader there are some writing styles that just make the progression feel more natural. There are some books out there that I’ve read purely on the fact that the writing style was good enough for me.

Another factor was our main character Fran, I hate to say this but she was just dull. I personally didn’t find her relatable, and generally I wasn’t invested in her character. I think the basis of that is this, there were a lot of situations within the first 20% of the story ( I read this on kindle!) that Fran didn’t do the rational/reasonable thing. I know for the sake of the story she has to do something wrong blah blah blah, but I just felt like she didn’t put any thought into  ANY of her actions.

I don’t particularly like reviewing a book I didn’t enjoy reading, and I don’t think any book reviewer does. BUT I did start this book blog to share with you all my reading experiences, give you my opinion and let you form your own when you read the book. So here it is! Maybe in the future I’ll give this another try? Once reading begins to feel like work that’s usually when I fall into a reading slump, so I just step away from that book. If you’re into psychological thrillers and don’t have a particularly extensive TBR list, give this a try?

9 thoughts on “The Loving Husband: Review

    1. That’s the thing, I have so many books to read I actually feel like my TBR is endless. So if I’m not enjoying a particular book, I know it sounds harsh but I’m not going to waste time on it… 😦

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