September Wrap-Up

Well this month has been a fail… I completely underestimated the workload I’d receive from my first week into school, so I basically haven’t had the chance to read even half of the books on my TBR list. Here are the books I’ve read:

  • The assassin’s heart:

assassins-heartI felt like this story had some strong characters! There were also some really great moments, but I felt like the pacing was a little weird… I really liked the concept, it’s a high fantasy basically based on a religion. There are many different Gods and each country/region tends to choose to follow one. Lea’s God is Safraella , and the highest order of worship to her is becoming an assassin. It sounds a bit bizarre but this book had some great world building so it’ll make sense if you read it!


  • Heart Sick:


Again I felt like this story had some really great characters but the pacing was weird. My review for this is already up so check it out!





  • Toru: Wayfarers Return

toruThis was a fairly political and cultural book so it was a bit refreshing to break from the normal genres I always read. It also comes under steampunk, which I’ve never read a book from that genre! I actually really enjoyed this book. Set in Japan 1852, it tells the story of a fisherman who had an accident at sea and was rescued by an American ship. He goes on to spend the next 2 years in America, and when he finally comes home he is labelled a traitor and is to be executed. BUT Toru knows some very valuable information and I feel like I should stop here and let you figure it out when you read it! I personally skimmed through the synopsis just to know whether this would be something I’d enjoy, other than that I tried to go in with as little knowledge as possible! I LOVED TORU, he’s a smart and somewhat manipulative young man who’
s had this weird experience in America and comes back to Japan to a very ‘warm welcome’. This is the story of building trust in relationships, loyalty, sacrifice and so much more. My review for this should be up soon as well!

  • The loving husband:

the-loving-husbandWell I haven’t actually finished reading this book… But I also don’t plan on doing that. The closest book I think I can compare this to is Gone Girl, it has that mysterious aspect and constantly plants doubt in the reader’s mind. BUT after a few chapters reading this book began to feel like work. I had to force myself and I would barely finish a few pages in one sitting. For as long as I remember I’ve finished the books I started to read, I just couldn’t with this one. I review books in my free time and as soon as it begins to feel like work I start backing away from reading at all. My main problem with this book is that it was just too slow, the pace never picked up. I understand there’s a fairly slow pace in the opening chapter, but I felt like that pace stretched to the next chapters. Until I was about almost 1/3 of the way in and it was just difficult to read at that point. This is just a wrap up so HOPEFULLY I should be able to have a full review up next week.

I feel like I read quite a few ‘meh’ books this month, maybe that’s why I started slowing down? For me when I read a good book it gets me motivated to find another one that’ll give me a memorable experience. Once reading starts to feel like work that puts me off… Hopefully to try and get me back into blogging I decided to pick a day I HAVE to upload on! THURSDAY! Okay yes I know I’m a day late already but this’ll start next week I promise! I should be posting more reviews over the next few weeks as well!

18 thoughts on “September Wrap-Up

  1. I get so discouraged when I can get myself into a book. I always try for a while and sometimes I just have to quit. Maybe in a couple months I try again when I can give myself a more open mind.

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  2. Great post! And I know how you feel! I had to take a two week blog break because of school and now I only read about 4-5 books a month while I read 20-30 a month during summer vacation.

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      1. I’m going to do that soon. Hopefully. Or I’ll just read Harry Potter illustrated 2 when it comes in the mail. That should make my month flowing and wonderful again.

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    1. I do have quite a bit of reading just for school so I understand! But I basically have little breaks whilst I’m studying and I read a few pages during that break! That’s how I still manage to fit reading into a ridiculous schedule ☺️

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  3. I’m pretty interested to read The Assassin’s Heart for a pretty long time nau..
    Glad to hear it had great world-building! I hope I can read it this year ❤

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