An idea? 

So I thought of an interesting way to tackle deciding which books to read from my shelves! BUT I wanted to know if you guys would participate. So I thought I would pick out maybe 4/5 books, and have a Twitter poll where you guys recommend which one to read for that particular month! I have quite a few review books so I might just be able to fit in one or two books from my shelf for the next couple of months. Let me know in the comments if that’s something you would participate in!
Btw sorry if I’m a little dormant the next few weeks, I just registered for my first year at university and next week will be my first week! Understandably I’ll need a little time to settle in, but my Assassin’s Heart review should be up this weekend  🙂 

11 thoughts on “An idea? 

  1. Good idea. I would participate, but I don’t know how much help I would be. I didn’t get to do a lot of reading just for myself during my teaching years–mainly professional or children’s literature.

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  2. It’s a great idea!! I’ve done it myself for read-a-thons. Right now – I’ve been too enthusiastic on NetGalley hahaha – I’m mostly reading arcs instead of my owned books. Some days I resent that a bit and feel like I’ve got too much pressure from reading arcs. I try to mix them with an occasional owned book =] but the poll thingy is something I would do again!!

    And I’ve got a jar full of papers with notes on them. Because of the arcs and new releases I barely use it these days hahaha


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