My Q&A Blog Post!


HELLO! I know that I said I would post this sooner, but I actually had to let the post simmer a bit so I can accumulate enough questions to make a full blog post :D! Let’s jump right in!

 1.What are you guilty pleasures?

I feel like this has 100 questions in itself, i have guilty pleasures in food/film/books so I’ll say one from each category!

Books:I lalalalove that sort of forbidden romance, I don’t know why but there’s just something so scandalous yet sometimes heartbreaking about it that i just love reading books that incorporate that into their stories.
Food: Anything chocolatey, that is literally my weakness, I love over the top chocolatey cakes that would probably make anyone else sick.
Film: There’s one that comes to mind when i think of a film I wouldn’t really boast about loving and that’s The Duff… It has maybe the weakest storyline I’ve ever watched and it literally doesn’t benefit me in any way, but hell i still can’t stop watching it!

2. How do you find time to read that many books AND blog about them all!

I’m probably not the best person to ask this question seen as I’m probably not the most punctual blogger! I love reading, so that’s something that doesn’t take much effort, but there are times when I’ve finished reading a book but I don’t really want to write the review straight away. So i just jot down major points about that book and maybe the next day I’d get back to writing the review. Also there’s a feature where you can schedule post uploads which actually can be fairly useful especially if you’re travelling!

 3.What Book do you think everyone should read in their lifetime?

Wooo that’s a bit of an intimidating question… I should probably think of a life changing book but I would actually want everyone to read at least one of Beverly Bartons crime thrillers. I just think they’re sooooo good! I would probably encourage people to read more classics as a genre instead of just one particular book!

4. What’s your favorite kind of ice cream??

Absolutely any chocolate flavour, double chocolate chip or chocolate fudge omg stop I’m drooling at this point!

5. Where do you go from here. What are your goals for your blog?

I would actually like to broaden my horizons in terms of the content that I read and probably help my readers explore the literary world a little more too! I want to also be able to post at least 3 times a week! To me its a bit of a long stretch but i will hopefully be able to start doing that soon. Definitely going to get a new laptop which means my laptop wont just shut down whilst I’m writing and delete all MY CONTENT!

 6. Where in the world do you most want to go?

I actually feel quite lucky to be Moroccan and have a family that live in Europe. I was born in the UK but my parents are Moroccan so we end up going there pretty much every summer. We also road trip there from london so we drive from the north to the south of Spain! I’ve also been Germany, France, Holland and Belgium. Who’s drifting off topic again? I would pretty much would love to travel the whole world, but I really want to visit places I can see the Northern Lights. Sweden. Norway, Finland…

 7. What tips can you give those who have backlogs in reading?

Being a book reviewer that tends to be an inevitable thing! However I think pre-planning what you’re going to read at the beginning of the month actually helped me quite a lot! Something like monthly TBR and wrap up, if you stick to it, it’ll probably mean you’ll read more! IT means that you don’t almost have a panic attack when you’re faced with the pressure of picking a book from your shelf .

8.What’s your favourite book at the moment?

It would probably be a book I read quite recently which is All the Ugly and Wonderful Things! It’s a fairly controversial book and one that tackles some tough topics but I just felt so attached to the story I wished there was more. My review should be up very soon!

14 thoughts on “My Q&A Blog Post!

  1. My answers:

    1.My pleasures are simple. Live life with as much gusto as I can still manage.

    2. We all make time for the important things in our lives.

    3. I have no advice. Even my personal reading pleasure is all over the place. But some of my favorite authors are Eco , Least Heat Moon, Wouk, Hemingway, Fehrenbach, Salisbury….

    4. Any flavor.

    5. It’s my journal, nothing more. Every post is a base hit. A like is a home run.

    6. I would like to have spent a winter on the shore of Lake Michigan writing a novel.

    7. I can offer no tips.

    8. My present book is •He Winds Of War•.

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  2. I’m so happy you answered my question! (#7) ^_^ A monthly TBR probably is going to help me but I’m such a fickle-minded person, even the book I told myself to read this week, I just got to Chapter 3. XD

    I also learned much regarding scheduled posts as I am about to do the same thing in September.

    Kudos once again!

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    1. I completely understand, I haven’t done a TBR or wrap up for the last few months, but hopefully I should get back to doing it soon. The scheduling feature is very useful!


  3. I love The Duff too! Yes the story was normal and like every other teenage movie (mean girls, wild child, etc.) But I loved it! I think I love the character of Wesley Rush very much and so the movie was a favorite for me.

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