BoyzNite: Review



Title: Boyznite

Author: Xane Fisher

Published: August 2016

Length:  17 pages

Source: Received for review



I love reading short stories, but I really love reading short stories that impact me in a way I never expected! The title is pretty self explanatory for the story, we have a law student who comes home for a break. He decides to go out with his friends and it turns into a night of realisation!

There are a few things that add a lot to my reading experience and one of the most important one for me is probably the writing style! I really loved Xane Fishers style, it made the main character feel a lot more familiar. The emotions felt real and natural, it felt like a friend was telling me a story because the writing style made me so comfortable with the character!

We are always so busy, whether we’re studying or working, or doing both! We can sometimes zone out of our surroundings and become somewhat self absorbed. Only our successes, achievements and goals matter. We get so caught up in trying to achieve them that we forget, other people lead more difficult lives, people we may know quite well. This story shows just how much contrast there may be between your path and someone else’s, our main character comes across an old friend whos struggles he’d been oblivious to.

I would personally recommend this to anyone, its very short and quick read with only 17 pages. But with the authors style and fluidity it leaves you wishing there was more!


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