So before I started actively using my blog I actually started a bookstagram account. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what it is, but it’s basically an instagram account dedicated to everything and anything book related. I wanted to gain audience there first before I started blogging so I at least have some readers to start with! Over time I’ve realised it’s a LOT OF work! I’ve said this in a previous post but I’ve never been gifted in photography πŸ˜…, my pictures always turn out blurry and most times just pure shite! But if you take a look at some of the existing accounts on instagram all the pictures look so pretty and creative and, well… professional πŸ˜….

At the same time, when I finally manage to get that half decent picure I feel so proud:’D. There’s pretty much no other reason for this post than to vent out my stress at maintaining a bookstagram account! Do you own a bookstagram account? Let me know in the comments of your experience!

And of course if you want to check mine out: