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I’ve had this manga on my shelf for ageeesssss…. But before reading it i wanted to make sure that I’d be able to watch the anime straight after! So I’ve finally picked it up, I know I only have the first volume but a friend told me the anime is just as good. So I’m just going to read the first volume and watch the anime after. I’ve heard GREAT things about this so I can’t wait to start it! Have you read Death Note?

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    1. I’m really enjoying Death Note so I’m definitely going to check out Fullmetal Alchemist, I already have an interest in manga but because I don’t read much I don’t know where to start reading!

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  1. I lately have been trying to watch anime and read manga! I’ve heard such great things about this one but I think I’m scared to watch it! “Scaredy-Kat”😂 It’s a little different from the animes I watch, which are romance! But who knows? I might watch the anime or read the manga!😉 Btw, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award!💕 Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

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      1. I watched the first episode and it is kind of creepy! It’s really dark, I got that vibe from the manga but the anime just amplified it. Especially with the creepy sinister music they have playing in the background!

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