This has been a topic discussed quite a bit in the book blogging community, for good reason! A rating system is there to give a general impression to the reader what you thought of the book… Now, I read a lot of reviews for books online, as a reader that’s what we tend to do, to make sure the book your about to invest your time in is something you’d enjoy. What I realised was that once I saw the rating I kind of disregarded the review part. As someone who writes reviews I know how different my opinion of a book can be from someone else’s. An example would be my experience reading Throne of Glass, I weren’t particularly the biggest fan of the book and if I rated it I would’ve probably given it a 2/5. BUT that’s only because I felt like I was lead in a different direction in terms of who the main protagonists was going to  be and I didn’t particularly enjoy that version.

In my opinion if I would’ve plastered that rating at the top of the review I don’t know how many people are going to read on and see how I justify my opinion! I also feel like it’s a bit unfair to the author, to summarise their work into a few numbers and I want to do the book justice by highlighting what the author did very well. Again I seem to have started rambling so I’ll cut this post short.

At the time being I will stop rating my reviews and see how it goes, that may change in the future. Also if you’re really interested in seeing my ratings I might actually start to become a bit more active on my Goodreads account. I find Goodreads a bit daunting, I still haven’t figured my way around it yet but when I do write short reviews on there of course I have to include a rating. Anyway let me know what you think of a rating system down below! Is it something you use?