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A Review Policy?

I’ve recently reached 1100 followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I thought probably about time I put up a review policy, I’m new to these things and I’ve done a bit research but I thought it’d also be worth asking you, what would you put in a review policy? I pretty much review all genres so I don’t think I’ll be posting any restrictions in terms of that, but I also want to have an efficient policy! If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments.

A review for Steel Victory by J.L Gribble should be up by next week so keep an eye out for that! Thank you for the support on this blog even though I’ve been missing for over a month!

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I am BACK! (expect a lot of rambling)

I’m BAAAACCCCKKKKKK!! It’s been a while huh? I am finally free from the burden of studying and exams are over, I haven’t read a book in over a month! I thought of posting some kind of notice but I decided against it because me and my wishful thinking hoped I would be able to squeeze in some posts at some point… I have so many series to catch up I CANNOT waiiiittttt!! I haven’t even started watching season 6 of Game Of Thrones in attempt to discipline myself during these past month. Currently contemplating on binge watching the series from the start, it’s been a while and I feel like you can’t really enjoy GOT if you’ve not brushed up on the storyline and I have a memory span of about 2 minutes! I don’t really know if people do that, do you re-watch your favourite series?

Okay back to books, I did mention in one of my older posts that hopefully I will be able to revamp my website and make everything a little easier to use seen as my reviews aren’t based on solely one genre. Hopefully over the next couple of months I’ll have that figured out! Also expect a plethora of reviews because I’m SOOO behind on readingggg, so many books sent for review that I haven’t even read yet, some I started but the pressure of exams was just too much so I ended up leaving them. Long story short (if you haven’t figured out by now I LOVE to rambleeee on and on and on) I am back and this blog will be a lot more active! I was also thinking of having some sort of schedule for the week for blog posts to put out, seen as its officially the summer holidays for me for the next 2/3 months I’ll be able to put out a LOT more! Sorry for the one month hiatus!!!!