I debated on whether it was necessary to upload this post or not but here it goes!


I notice that quite a few book blogs are very specific, maybe they only review YA literature, or romance novels , contemporaries etc. You may have noticed that the latest review I posted was indeed a comic book review. My next review will be a Manga I recently received for review and my review for the book The Monogram Murders should be coming out on Sunday. My point is, I created this blog without a specific genre in mind to review or a specific format ( comic book/graphic novel/ Manga) and I have decided that I want it to stay that way! I love reading, whether its books or comic books, crime thrillers or sci-fi/fantasy I pretty much enjoy reading anything!

I’m rambling again…. BASICALLY I just wanted to let my viewers know that if you do follow this blog expect reviews of anything! Once my exams are done (end of June) I will hopefully have more time to dedicate to changing the structure of my blog and making it easier to navigate to what you are interested in seeing (I understand that at this point everything is everywhere…). Thank you for understanding and choosing to follow me even though my blog may not be the best looking or the most organised, however if thee shall bear with me a little longer thee shall soon have a better blog to read! (Note the ‘thee’ is not a mistake! See, I may not be able to guarantee beautiful graphics but who else is going to be spontaneous enough to switch to Old English mid-sentence!)


*I read a Manga adaptation of The Scarlet Letter and my review should be up before the end of this week, alongside my review for The Monogram Murders!*