Blood Princess: Review

Blood Princess by Rebecca Piercey

Title: Blood Princess

Author: Rebecca Piercey

Published: March 31st 2016

Length:  234 pages

Source: Received for review

My ratings:5/10

Anyone who reads the blurb of this book would definitely be interested by at least what route this story will take. Whilst just flipping through the pages to get a general structure for the book I also noticed that it alternated between perspectives, Laura and Shane’s. I don’t know about you but I find it absolutely pointless when the same book is published twice just to get a different perspective! I am sorry but I cannot afford to pay for the same story just from someone else’s view and I will most definitely not sit down and read it! So I thought it was really refreshing to see how each character handles the same situation!

I would like to start by saying I wish the blurb didn’t have as much as it did on it. I would have enjoyed it more if the blurb had only half the content it did, because there were moments within the book (towards the beginning) that the blurb has already spoiled for you. It is a short read, only 234 pages so I think that’s where a lot of the problems for me stem from. I really liked the beginning it was a captivating start to this story and it gave the reader an impression of our main character Laura.  When a story makes the main protagonist an assassin, for me I really need to be able to see this character as one. Her mentality, her physical/mental strength, her personality and for me, at the beginning this book made Laura quite a credible assassin. No spoilers but I would most definitely not mess with this one or even get anywhere near her. However as the story progresses we see her wall slowly slipping away, both due to certain events that she’s been through and the people she surrounds herself with.

Characters: The main problem I feel with this book is that its too short! We don’t have enough time for the development of our characters, we also don’t have enough time for the development of various relationships within this book so everything lacks a bit of complexity and results in me not being able to connect with each character as I would have liked to! The one relationship I really did love was between Laura and her brother, throughout this we can see that they have a pretty much indestructible bond, no matter what happens they both have each others backs! BUT I would have still loved it if the other relationships in the book were more established.

Plot: This is one of those action-packed books that I LOVE. Within every chapter something is happening! Having said that, I think it was slightly too fast-paced, again I think that comes down to the length of the book and having to fit so much into it. It could’ve balanced between the action and developing the characters/story a bit more because I felt like every other page had too much going on! I enjoyed the ending, probably one of my favourite endings I have read this year! I also like how the author went about the ending, she challenged the characters involved more ( really trying not to blurt out a spoiler right now!).

Overall it was a decent book, with some plot twists I couldn’t see coming and main characters that don’t blend in with every other YA fantasy! I loved the writing style and the action but would’ve liked a bit more from our characters, it all seemed a little too rushed!

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