Me Before You review questions?

I FINISHED ME BEFORE YOU! It was a terrific read, I don’t know why I waited so long to read it…

I thought I’d change my review format for this for an idea I think would be more useful to people who haven’t read the book yet !

Instead of me just rambling about my opinion on the book, I want to know what you guys would rather hear me ramble about, any questions you have about Me Before You that maybe other book bloggers haven’t addressed in their reviews. Anything that may be holding you back from reading it, it would be great if you left your questions/suggestions down in the comments and I would be sure to include them in the review I am currently working on 🙂

7 thoughts on “Me Before You review questions?

  1. The ableist thing.
    I’ve heard people who’ve read this book saying tangy the relationship between Lou and Will, has ableist themes. One example being that Will is almost an accessory to Lou’s life, he encourages her to be a better person but yet he isn’t. I haven’t read this book but I don’t know if I want to support a book that has subtle ableist themes. So, do you find this to have Ableism? Thanks

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  2. I’m going to hit you with a few if that’s okay? I knew parts of the story but are yet to read it and I’m really interested to know the answers to these!
    1. From the title of the book, “Me Before You,” who in this story is the “me” and who is the “you?”. Is this a sign of selfishness or selflessness?

    2. Why was Lou able to break through to Will when no one else could? What attracted Will to Lou?

    3.How did Lou’s incident in the Castle maze shape her life and maybe compare this to how Will’s accident shaped his life?

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    1. No problem, I love your questions! They get me to explore/write about the book in a deeper level! It may be in a lower section of the review because I may find it difficult not to spoil the book with these questions. Thanks for the questions😊

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