I am slightly disappointed… okay very disappointed. I only read two books this month; I honestly didn’t even understand what that meant until I had to write my wrap up. In literally 31 days I read two books? It’s just been one of those slow monthsss, I thought I was the only one but I read a couple of blog posts and I’ve noticed there are others going through this. It’s just a month where I am so inefficient it kind of hurts.

Okay side note. So I don’t know what it is but I have really slowed down, in my studying, my reading , blogging (although let’s admit I was never the best at this thing anyway). I really do try to motivate myself often by thinking of the consequences of not getting the grades I want which results in me basically not studying the course I want ( Pharmacy) and blah blah blah. That gets me going for about 2 minutes, then I’m like but youtube though, but films though, but literally just wasting my time doing anything but being productive though. And at this point it’s not even enjoyable to procrastinate. While I am watching I feel so guilty and so uncomfortable, but guess what… I still can’t get myself to pick up that pen and start on that MASSIVE pack of integration questions. The thing is this has also affected my reading habits. I’ve briefly spoken about this on the Books amino app.

Okay side- side note ( I don’t even think that’s a thing). This is not sponsored but if you love reading books and want to interact with the bookish community this app is the way to go! It literally is social media for books, you can make posts, create/enter forums, create chats,polls etc.

Anyway back to the side note, I used to be able to finish a book every 3 days, balancing it obviously with being a student and life and all that. That would be about 10 books a month, this month I read two, last month I think I read about four. It’s just getting worse at this point. It’s not that I am not enjoying what I am reading it’s that I’ve become really lazy with what I do in my free time. Because let’s be honest, what is easier to do :

  1. Read a book
  2. Watch Netflix

What requires less input/effort? Netflix. Especially the fact that it will play the next episode for you, you do not need to touch your laptop/TV and you could literally go on for HOURS. What I do like about being in this phase is that I explore studying in different areas and found one that works for me right now. I have a local café with an second floor (quite small)  and in the morning it will literally be JUST me there. Wi-Fi, decent coffee, charging areas , and I’m set up for a couple of hours of pure work. Are you going through a similar phase, what have you found helps you focus?