Half Bad: Review


Title: Half Bad

Author: Sally Green

Published: 2014

Length:  400 pages

Source: Bought

My ratings: 7/10



My reviews are way too long… I look back at them now and wonder who the hell would actually sit and read 5 paragraphs of me rambling ‘:D. So I’m going to try and keep them short because that means that I can spend time writing more reviews! (I am rambling already…)

————————–Spoiler free section————————-

With this book I felt like you would either like it, or hate it… It’s definitely not a light fluffy read, but the thing that makes this stops this book from being over bearing is the writing style. I really enjoyed reading this book and it was purely down to Sally Greens writing style. For this non-spoilery section I’m not going to go into too much detail because I think the best way to read this book is to just read it!

—————————-Spoiler section——————————

Here’s the thing, I really think this concept had such great potential, don’t get me wrong I liked the book but I thought it could’ve been better.

World building: When there isn’t a blurb to the book I’m reading the first couple of pages and for me they are the make or break. It’s when I decide whether I should carry on reading or if I am not invested in the story enough to. The author definitely understood this because one of my favourite chapters in this book is the first where Nathan is in the cage and I could not put the book down after that. I struggled with this one, because this world has been intergrated into our own, where witches live with fains. What I did love about the world building is how clear the system/hierarchy is. From the beginning we are getting notifications from the Council where they explain how witches are classified. I always look forward to letters integrated in novels and this was much needed when the pages were getting a bit intense. The end where Nathan finally finds Mercury and they’re in Switzerland they’re up in the mountains, I could just imagine Mercury’s cottage!

Characters: This novel really interested me because I feel like for Nathans character the main focus are his coping mechanisms and how incredibly strong he is mentally/physically. Here we had a character that has gone through experiences that were honestly depressing just to read about but our main protagonist always finds an escape. For example I really loved when Nathan is still in the cage and his escape from this torturous routine is just to focus on the minute detail of every chore and I could totally relate to that! No I have never been captured by the council but when I am doing something incredibly boring, e.g writing up something I focus on the small details to take my mind away from how mundane the task is. Ughhhh Jessica, that little witch! She was so horrible to him even when he was so young, who tells an 8 year old that their mum died because of him!

Plot: I’ll be absolutely honest, there were some chapters in this book that were quite uneventful, I think this is where some people lost interest. I would’ve liked more action in this book but I was genuinely interested in finding out more about the character that I didn’t mind these chapters. The second person narrative really helped engage me and I really enjoyed how it switched from second-person to first throughout the book.

I thought that this book was a very easy read, I got through it fairly quickly and that was also due to the writing style. I certainly haven’t read a book like this before, and I never expected to feel this connected to the main protagonist. If you’ve read this before let me know in the comments what you thought of the book?

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