March TBR

So I know it’s over half through this month and this TBR is way overdue but I’ve just been so busy! Here are the four books I plan on reading this month:

City of Lost Souls:

City of lost souls.jpg

I started The Mortal Instruments in December last year, I thought they were a decent series but after City Of Fallen Angels I just slowed down. With Lady Midnight coming out I wanted to finish this series and TID before I read it. I am currently halfway through CoLS and its actually good, a lot has happened already so far!

Half Bad:


Anything that feels even remotely mysterious already has my attentions so when I went to a local charity shop and found this , I saw that it had no blurb, I just had to pick it up. IT’S SO GOOD. My review should be up within the next few weeks.

Me Before You:


I am sure most of you have already heard of this book and know that the movie starring Emilia Clarke is coming out July I think. I’ve had this book for months but Ive heard its an emotional read and I didn’t feel like I was ready to read an emotional contemporary.

Unmarked Vampire:

unmarked vampire

So this is a novel that was initially  written in Italian and then translated to English, its about Angels, Demons, Vampires and species called Half-Bloods! Here’s the blurb:

Julian Laurent is not like other vampires. He is yet to receive his racial mark from the Lord of Immortals and as a result, his time studying at the Damned Academy will not be easy. Not only will he have to deal with the scorn of the other vampires, angels, demons and half-bloods at the university, but he will also have to work things out with Mia, an ex-girlfriend he can’t even remember. Julian thinks he knows the full extent of his problems but he soon realizes that there is much more at stake. The subverts are hunting him and want to kill him, and there is a dangerous power growing inside him the likes of which no one should have. Thanks to another vampire, Ray, he will soon discover what the racial mark really is: a tool used by the Immortal Lord Blake Night to keep the rest of the immortals under his power. Freeing the other students from the influence of the mark will not be at all easy, particularly since Julian feels that he is linked to Blake by some kind of invisible thread. The reality is worse than he could possibly imagine.’


5 thoughts on “March TBR

  1. Me too I’m also currently reading TMI and after City of Fallen Angels I don’t feel like completing the series anymore but hopefully I will do, and Half Bad is amazing I’m so excited for Half Lost to come out !

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