Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

So after reading Pride and Prejudice I thought it was about time I tried to read more classics, because honestly the last time I read classics was when I had to do it for school… This one was personally recommended to me by a friend and all she had to say was that it was a mysterious novel to get me interested! Going into this book I didn’t read the synopsis and the edition my friend gave me had no blurb so I literally went in blind, except from knowing that there was a plot twist that I couldn’t prepare myself for…

First of all I’d like to start by saying that this felt like an oddly intimate book, I don’t know whether it’s because we follow the main character throughout everything, while the narrative is incredibly detailed about every single thing she does! But I honestly felt like I’m creeping through the neighbour’s window and listening to their conversations. Is this just me? If you’ve read the book did you have a similar experience?

For me this is definitely one of the books that I appreciate more after I’ve read it because here’s the thing, I am very impatient. If there isn’t something happening within the first 10 pages I kind of slow down. It might be because I have literally read hundreds of crime thrillers and I love content that is action-packed so that’s what I am used to. However at the beginning our heroine is recalling a dream of her visiting Manderely, and it’s a very articulate description that engages the readers’ senses! BUT I am saying this after I have read the entire book and I reread the first 10 pages. The first time around I just had too many questions within the first page to really understand and immerse myself.

Also I usually don’t annotate books, I just read for the fun of it but whilst reading Rebecca I really wanted to fully annotate it, I just noticed a lot of different tools used by Daphne Du Maurier  and I wanted to highlight them. It’s a brilliant book, every aspect of the book brings something different to the plot, from the characters, to the setting. It’s just amazing to see how at the end they all intertwine!

As readers when we’re told there’s going to be a plot twist I think we all try and guess what it might be from the beginning, I know I definitely do! But this… I am honestly so scared to mention the plot twist becomes I don’t want to ruin the book! This was a definite 9/10 for me because it was such a well-rounded book I feel like you couldn’t possibly get everything the first time you read it, definitely a reread for me…

16 thoughts on “Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

  1. My favourite book of all time, I like watching as Mrs De Winter grows, if you’ve ever experienced being a second wife this novel let’s you know that the insecurity you’re felling is okay. The people around you will grow to know you. For me a real story of finding your feet and full of mystery, love and intrigue. This novel has everything that you look for in a book.

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    1. You summarised it pretty accurately! I’ve never been married let alone been a second wife so I wouldn’t know what that feels like😅 But you’re right in that it does depict a character going through this journey and it ends on a hopeful note!

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