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Unmarked vampire: Review

unmarked vampire

Title: Unmarked Vampire

Author: Belinda Laj

Published: March 2016

Length:  450 pages

Source: Received for review

My ratings: 6/10





I thought Id try a different format to my reviews which will hopefully help me cut down on how much I write so it looks less daunting to read! Here’s what I thought of Unmarked Vampire:

This book had a really interested premise and when I read the blurb I knew I had to take this on for review! So without spoiling much the first chapter our main protagonist Julian Laurent wakes up in a coffin, he has no recollection of dying and actually no recollection of his past but… He wakes up in the hallway of an academy, The Damned Academy. I honestly loved the first chapter I thought it was such a great way to start this book, it really had me interested and engaged and I wanted to know where does Julian go from here?

We start off with Julian having no recollection of his past and pretty much until the end of the book we don’t really know about happened, but through the book we get little snippets of information. I appreciated the fact that Julian doesn’t know what going on, because I felt like I could connect with the character and the environment a lot more. This book presented a conflict that I thought was a lot more interesting than I’ve seen in other books. Whilst reading most YA novels we have a clear and distinct ‘villian’ whose intentions are pure evil and immoral etc. I found that with this book we really don’t know who is the ‘good guy’ and who we should be hating. So throughout the book I was back and forth between these two characters that both seem caring, protective and helpful to our main protagonist but its only until the end of the book that we really see that distinct separation between the two.

As there were aspects about the book that I loved similarly there were some aspects I weren’t too fond of. For the most part I really couldn’t stand the main character Julian Laurent, he really was obnoxious, annoying and quite frankly rude. But as his character develops you really begin to see him mature, and I partly blame his character for the fact that he doesn’t remember much from his past. I really loved the plot twist, REALLY loved it, it was for me completely unexpected and when you do find out about it everything from before clicks into place and makes sense. There were some grammatical errors, misspelt words but there were very few of them so I was able to overlook that.

I felt like there were some slow chapters in the middle but I kept on reading because although not much was going on we found out more about Julian and the Academy. My favourite chapters were the first and the last and I honestly think that the opening chapter for this book is one of my all time favourites. This is far from being a perfect book with some cheesy dialogue, and our main character having some over the top reactions but all in all I do think this is a decent book. If you’re looking for an interesting read that explores Angels, Demons and Vampires and a world where they coexist I definitely think you should pick this up!

Support the author and follow this link to buy her book!

If you’ve read the book what did you think? Comment below and let me know!



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Half Bad: Review


Title: Half Bad

Author: Sally Green

Published: 2014

Length:  400 pages

Source: Bought

My ratings: 7/10



My reviews are way too long… I look back at them now and wonder who the hell would actually sit and read 5 paragraphs of me rambling ‘:D. So I’m going to try and keep them short because that means that I can spend time writing more reviews! (I am rambling already…)

————————–Spoiler free section————————-

With this book I felt like you would either like it, or hate it… It’s definitely not a light fluffy read, but the thing that makes this stops this book from being over bearing is the writing style. I really enjoyed reading this book and it was purely down to Sally Greens writing style. For this non-spoilery section I’m not going to go into too much detail because I think the best way to read this book is to just read it!

—————————-Spoiler section——————————

Here’s the thing, I really think this concept had such great potential, don’t get me wrong I liked the book but I thought it could’ve been better.

World building: When there isn’t a blurb to the book I’m reading the first couple of pages and for me they are the make or break. It’s when I decide whether I should carry on reading or if I am not invested in the story enough to. The author definitely understood this because one of my favourite chapters in this book is the first where Nathan is in the cage and I could not put the book down after that. I struggled with this one, because this world has been intergrated into our own, where witches live with fains. What I did love about the world building is how clear the system/hierarchy is. From the beginning we are getting notifications from the Council where they explain how witches are classified. I always look forward to letters integrated in novels and this was much needed when the pages were getting a bit intense. The end where Nathan finally finds Mercury and they’re in Switzerland they’re up in the mountains, I could just imagine Mercury’s cottage!

Characters: This novel really interested me because I feel like for Nathans character the main focus are his coping mechanisms and how incredibly strong he is mentally/physically. Here we had a character that has gone through experiences that were honestly depressing just to read about but our main protagonist always finds an escape. For example I really loved when Nathan is still in the cage and his escape from this torturous routine is just to focus on the minute detail of every chore and I could totally relate to that! No I have never been captured by the council but when I am doing something incredibly boring, e.g writing up something I focus on the small details to take my mind away from how mundane the task is. Ughhhh Jessica, that little witch! She was so horrible to him even when he was so young, who tells an 8 year old that their mum died because of him!

Plot: I’ll be absolutely honest, there were some chapters in this book that were quite uneventful, I think this is where some people lost interest. I would’ve liked more action in this book but I was genuinely interested in finding out more about the character that I didn’t mind these chapters. The second person narrative really helped engage me and I really enjoyed how it switched from second-person to first throughout the book.

I thought that this book was a very easy read, I got through it fairly quickly and that was also due to the writing style. I certainly haven’t read a book like this before, and I never expected to feel this connected to the main protagonist. If you’ve read this before let me know in the comments what you thought of the book?

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March TBR

So I know it’s over half through this month and this TBR is way overdue but I’ve just been so busy! Here are the four books I plan on reading this month:

City of Lost Souls:

City of lost souls.jpg

I started The Mortal Instruments in December last year, I thought they were a decent series but after City Of Fallen Angels I just slowed down. With Lady Midnight coming out I wanted to finish this series and TID before I read it. I am currently halfway through CoLS and its actually good, a lot has happened already so far!

Half Bad:


Anything that feels even remotely mysterious already has my attentions so when I went to a local charity shop and found this , I saw that it had no blurb, I just had to pick it up. IT’S SO GOOD. My review should be up within the next few weeks.

Me Before You:


I am sure most of you have already heard of this book and know that the movie starring Emilia Clarke is coming out July I think. I’ve had this book for months but Ive heard its an emotional read and I didn’t feel like I was ready to read an emotional contemporary.

Unmarked Vampire:

unmarked vampire

So this is a novel that was initially  written in Italian and then translated to English, its about Angels, Demons, Vampires and species called Half-Bloods! Here’s the blurb:

Julian Laurent is not like other vampires. He is yet to receive his racial mark from the Lord of Immortals and as a result, his time studying at the Damned Academy will not be easy. Not only will he have to deal with the scorn of the other vampires, angels, demons and half-bloods at the university, but he will also have to work things out with Mia, an ex-girlfriend he can’t even remember. Julian thinks he knows the full extent of his problems but he soon realizes that there is much more at stake. The subverts are hunting him and want to kill him, and there is a dangerous power growing inside him the likes of which no one should have. Thanks to another vampire, Ray, he will soon discover what the racial mark really is: a tool used by the Immortal Lord Blake Night to keep the rest of the immortals under his power. Freeing the other students from the influence of the mark will not be at all easy, particularly since Julian feels that he is linked to Blake by some kind of invisible thread. The reality is worse than he could possibly imagine.’


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Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

So after reading Pride and Prejudice I thought it was about time I tried to read more classics, because honestly the last time I read classics was when I had to do it for school… This one was personally recommended to me by a friend and all she had to say was that it was a mysterious novel to get me interested! Going into this book I didn’t read the synopsis and the edition my friend gave me had no blurb so I literally went in blind, except from knowing that there was a plot twist that I couldn’t prepare myself for…

First of all I’d like to start by saying that this felt like an oddly intimate book, I don’t know whether it’s because we follow the main character throughout everything, while the narrative is incredibly detailed about every single thing she does! But I honestly felt like I’m creeping through the neighbour’s window and listening to their conversations. Is this just me? If you’ve read the book did you have a similar experience?

For me this is definitely one of the books that I appreciate more after I’ve read it because here’s the thing, I am very impatient. If there isn’t something happening within the first 10 pages I kind of slow down. It might be because I have literally read hundreds of crime thrillers and I love content that is action-packed so that’s what I am used to. However at the beginning our heroine is recalling a dream of her visiting Manderely, and it’s a very articulate description that engages the readers’ senses! BUT I am saying this after I have read the entire book and I reread the first 10 pages. The first time around I just had too many questions within the first page to really understand and immerse myself.

Also I usually don’t annotate books, I just read for the fun of it but whilst reading Rebecca I really wanted to fully annotate it, I just noticed a lot of different tools used by Daphne Du Maurier  and I wanted to highlight them. It’s a brilliant book, every aspect of the book brings something different to the plot, from the characters, to the setting. It’s just amazing to see how at the end they all intertwine!

As readers when we’re told there’s going to be a plot twist I think we all try and guess what it might be from the beginning, I know I definitely do! But this… I am honestly so scared to mention the plot twist becomes I don’t want to ruin the book! This was a definite 9/10 for me because it was such a well-rounded book I feel like you couldn’t possibly get everything the first time you read it, definitely a reread for me…

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February Book Haul!

This post is well overdue, but here all the books  bought in the month of February! By the way, this is month where I decided I would STOP buying books until I had read through the majority of the unread books on my shelf… That went well. My March TBR should be uploaded soon!

Click this link to view the post!

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Bookish pet peeves?

I love books, I love reading, collecting, adoring them and the list goes on. But as a reader I have discovered that I have some preferences, in terms of the content of a book and the actual physical book. Here are some things that bother me when it comes to books, but also for some balance I’ve included things that I love in books!


I thought I’d start with this one because it’s more straight forward!

Pet peeves:

  • It REALLY bothers me when the spine of a book is damaged, like really bothers me, that’s why for me it’s such a pain in the ass to read thick books. Inevitably the spine will cave in! 😥
  • Have you bought a hardcover book and the dust jacket is beautiful but when you take it off there is actually no design on the cover! I mean they aren’t supposed to be designed that’s what the dust jacket is there for but it really disappoints me when there is nothing on the cover!
  • When there are actual people on the cover? I don’t know why, I just don’t like it at all!

What I love!

  • When there is a map incorporated   in the novel!
  • When there are messages or other formats in the book (emails/files) but as long as it’s not there to distract from the book.
  • As much as they damage the spine I really love thick books ( and I cannot lie! I am sorry I’ve seen that meme too much on bookstagram to just ignore it…)
  • When the blurb is mysterious… But not to the point where I am debating if I want this book or not because I simply don’t know enough to be invested.

The absolute honest truth is I’ll get books any way I can; I am a student so I buy second hand books/ books from warehouses that have been damaged as well as brand new copies. As long as I am fairly positive that I’ll be interested in the content I will buy it!


Pet peeves:

  • When there is a love triangle but it is not done properly!! It just gives me heartache, and not the kind the reader actually wantssssss.
  • Before when reading a novel I’d fully immerse myself and not try to think about guessing what’s going to happen next or who’s going to fall in love with whom. It’s become pretty much impossible for me to do that now. What’s worse for me is when things turn out the way I guessed. If this is anyone’s fault its mine, but sometimes books can be predictable too!

What I love!

  • If there is a plot twist that I didn’t see coming!
  • The author finds a way to make the reader happy with the ending without going through the predictable/expected route.
  • This sounds sadistic but I prefer books that kill off characters… Let me explain, it means that the author is going out on a limb and has enough trust in their content that even if the certain characters die you’ll still enjoy the book and carry on reading. No? That’s just me? Okay never mind!

What are some of your bookish pet peeves? Or what are things that really brighten your experience when you find them in/on a book?